Choose life. Demand Peace. Leave Old Hatreds Behind.

I am calling all humanity, yes everyone be they black, brown, yellow, red or white – wise or not-so-wise – good or not-so-good – sly, twisted and self-righteous or kind and gentle – and the hated who feel abandoned.

All children, who will one day be adults, need to be wise and balanced. People need to make judgements to have a peaceful planet and not to wait until it is too late. Hear what spirit is saying. It matters not whether Jew, Christian or Muslim. All of you, who are part of the earth as men or women, see in your hearts and do not lose who you are.

Be a human being. Look for one moment at the newborn child who is innocent by pure soul and is fresh from the pure beyond. The child is not of any religion on earth but of Creator – of all pure divine soul.

Why kill, out of greed and hatred, the ones you do not know and do not own? They are like a box of strange critters that came from the same Creator of your heart – the divine one who sends loving angels and your ancestors of pure soul. They call out not to kill, to study peaceful living and to be disciplined in child birth, with no more than four children in each home in order to control the population around the globe and create peace for all life on earth. Heal the planet and create peace for all.

Maybe people need to choose life and demand peace and leave old hatreds behind. Educate children that there is one planet – one earth. All need to be free of hatred pumped in through paganism of who is better. Every part of the planet is special to the one who came from afar – not lesser or greater. There is one Creator. Realise that some of these beings from afar were from different planets. Yet all were created by one created being – the great Creator – the all of the all.

People around the planet need to stop and hear their soul’s cry for peace. Heal the pain. Stop the hatred. Open your hearts.

I am a survivor of WWII – of the bad Hitler time, losing all. One can’t help but think that wars are created to kill so many people, to rob and steal and to create a lasting hate with no peace and no compassion.

I call all to set a day to call all people on earth to declare peace for all – free of religions and with compassion and committed peoples.

I don’t want my prophecy for harsh times to be fulfilled. We need to rise up in the name of peace. Spread the word. Be in touch. Join. Reach out. It can be done now. Don’t wait. Kindness is in you. Organize. Feel compassion for all victims. Have kindness for all children and offer peace, not hatred.

Victims need compassion and love. In my prophecies I warned for these years of oncoming global wars where by the end there will not be enough people for soccer and hockey teams. The devastation will be great.

Know love for victims of hatred. Yes, hate and self-hate for a dark action of human confusion. Look at all the countries that had to pay for rebuilding of Germany and then look at what happened in Holland, Belgium and France with great losses of human life. The rich left. The Dutch Royal House went to Canada. Others of affluence went to the USA. Today they might go to Australia where they have estates or Alberta, Canada where they do as well.

Say no to hatred, no to murder, no to wars. The victims suffer forever – from young to old. They will not forget. It is painful for life. Israel remembers Hitler. The world should not forget WW II. Hamas knows that it is not good for their reputations in future times to be labelled as mean killers. All who kill will be remembered for all time no matter who they are or what their name is – killing in the name of religion and the god of their hearts.

The divine Creator will know each one. Stop your hatred. Seek peace. Stop killing now. There are no blessings for murder and war. Know it forever.


About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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