Welcome everyone.

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  I want to talk with you about what is going on, what the future holds, what we can do to bring about peace and harmony and how you can come into your own spiritual empowerment.  I would like to hear your thoughts and warmly invite you to join the discussion.  Through awareness, knowledge and wisdom, we can bring about positive change.  Being in the know is never negative. Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye the now is gone but being in the know empowers forever.

Those who have read or listened to my prophecies know that what I have foretold is coming about daily.  Those who act and not react to what is going on are the ones who are empowered.  Step aside when you see the train coming.  Don’t stand in the middle of the track watching it come and think it will stop for you.  Life doesn’t just happen at the Joneses.

We need to build a society of compassion, peace and harmony.  These are the times when people will need each other the most.

I offer the spiritual visitor to my site information on the true complexity of our planet and the universe as well as the great mysteries of all sacred life and the beauty of soul in all its innocence.  I call for you to sever attachments to all dramas of your ego and “must haves” in order to attain pure soul and to let you experience the here and now in all of all and prepare you for your future.

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Donald Trump – A Letter to the USA

donald trump free clipart from donkey hotey







(Creator of Donald  Trump Image – Donkey Hotey)

Dear USA,

I am a voice from the past. I was known as “The Little Prophet Extraordinaire” during WW II. As a child. I gave prophetic information to the Dutch underground to help save many lives.

I call you all not to vote for Donald Trump. In my vision, I foresee he will bring great hardship for America and the world;  internal war with neighbor fighting neighbor, brother killing sister and brother; and even a break up of states within the USA and with the borders of Canada and Mexico.

His selfishness will tear the country to pieces.  He will be a disaster.

Donald Trump for beautiful America? No. Say no to Trump.

I believe he is like a Hitler in the make and in my visions I see him as the ultimate dictator.

The people in the USA are being deceived.

The Little Prophet Extraordinaire calls for America to say no to Donald Trump.

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Ethereans Amongst Us

For those with spiritual vision, seeing life beyond our physical dimension is normal but for many it is seldom that a glimpse of life beyond human sight is given.

When I was giving a lecture a number of years ago in Vancouver, Canada at the Robson Square Conference Centre, infrared cameras were used to capture what the normal human eye does not recognize. To the audience I was alone on stage but the camera captured some of my Etherean friends joining me.

As I have always taught, life is eternal. It is the physical body you discard when you pass on but life beyond exists on various plateaus as the soul continues its journey.

My Etherean friends appearing onstage …

hehpsehboah_lecture_6 hehpsehboah_lecture_5














Before my Etherean friends appeared …










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Earth Changes in Motion

Today, wherever  you are, you can see earth changes in motion.  So many upon the planet have lost their sense of compassion when, as with anything, energies always turn – up or down – and flow like teachers. Today it is someone else who needs empowerment and compassion. Tomorrow it is you, in one shape, form or another.  Let us always be prepared within our hearts to have a good storage of compassion for whomever is laid upon our path.

I foresee that myriads of things upon earth will be changing and through these changes practising compassion will be one’s highest good.

The weather is not stable as the planet is preparing for its great adjustment. We are still in the pre-adjustment time.

The wise have seen the adjustment taking place in weather globally and realise that the earth changes I foretold have begun.  There is still time to make preparations . Begin with compassionate hearts and prepare food, water, seed, etc. storage.


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