Welcome everyone.

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  I want to talk with you about what is going on, what the future holds, what we can do to bring about peace and harmony and how you can come into your own spiritual empowerment.  I would like to hear your thoughts and warmly invite you to join the discussion.  Through awareness, knowledge and wisdom, we can bring about positive change.  Being in the know is never negative. Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye the now is gone but being in the know empowers forever.

Those who have read or listened to my prophecies know that what I have foretold is coming about daily.  Those who act and not react to what is going on are the ones who are empowered.  Step aside when you see the train coming.  Don’t stand in the middle of the track watching it come and think it will stop for you.  Life doesn’t just happen at the Joneses.

We need to build a society of compassion, peace and harmony.  These are the times when people will need each other the most.

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Are You Mad? Say Yes to Change Now!

Are we mad to let deranged beings come to maim and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people of all races in places around the world? Is it because of cycles or “me, me, me” behaviours? Or have the gods gone mad? Or are we not listening to our soul or even the clock of times past?

Planet earth has kept many secrets. Recent findings and research tell us all a story of the past, of not so long ago, of lost times or seeming worlds.

Is global warming a warning or a preparation for the ultimate call to stop the wars on earth? We know now that many civilizations have come and gone. Many times our planet needed to chase all off for a time. Most things fell to rubble. Before allowing this to happen, all people need to come together as one and plead for peace.

I say that the left side of planet earth will shift down and the right side up. The human race is foolish with its arrogance, greed, and must-have luxuries. Your humanity has gone mad with never-have-enough homes that are too big for one or two to live in and with too many cars on the driveway.

I foresee a great shift soon. You must save planet earth, but greed will stop you. Soon you will fall into darkness, if you do not change now.  Hate will harm all.  You will call out to Creator for help and fall over your must haves. You will be hungry. Children will cry out for out for water – clean water, and for food please. But there will be no food and there will be dirty water. Your stupid wars will kill the earth and the children who need food and water. The Fukushima nuclear spill disaster will rise up again.

All who care need to come forth up the mountain and call for peace from all corners of the planet.  Otherwise, darkness is soon to be. The shifts will call all to change. Say no to the Fukushima plant. Say no to fracking. Peace is all.

Let there be no more attacking our planet. The future of our planet is at risk. Creator owns the planet. We are behaving like uncaring, greedy ones who are creating disasters. The never-have-enough ones need to wake up. You who care need to say no to killing and to wars against nature and mankind.

We all, yes all, need to wake up now before it is too late. Save our planet and put an ending to crazed people who feel they must control through religions. It is not the string of religious ‘isms” that bring change.  It is the hearts and souls of people that bring change. We all – whoever we are – must say yes that there will be no more bullies of any race, creed or religion. Call out for harmony. To help climate change be free of war now.  The vibrations of explosions upset the rotation of our planet.  The mental climate needs to change too with peace being the best climate – free of fear.

Love is needed now. The planet is our home. Join me now in the call.




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Spirit is All Wise

My answer to you…

Don’t believe that you need to go from here to learn or receive answers to the million questions. Our spirit is all wise and comes from Creator. It is in the know.

What is your need? Go within. Be still. Spirit will inspire your knowingness. Life beyond is coming to all to learn.


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Wars Ahead? What You Can Do

peace symbol








You, yes you, travel very long roads to find Creator. The great mistake is in still having mystery about the path. You have the Creator in your soul to slide into awakening of your destiny – only through contemplations of who you are to be in the coming of your awakened state of pure soul.

Today, or even tomorrow, it may not come to your realization of who you are to become. A time of learning began anew when you descended to earth. Beware of your actions here. No one will keep track but you. It is in you. The good and bad acts are remembered by you. All of your not-reasoned-out deeds are of great value. There is no running away in this or your afterlife.

Learn the laws of creation. Respect the seen and know the unseen to be in your soul’s journey. Awaken living without a destiny planned out and dragging all who are met who are not from mother and father and who are not aware they are to awaken their children when young. They are young or unwise in contemplations, without connections or divine realization of self.

Know that a time will awaken in self that will call for you. All actions to realise the dawn of living is there waiting to be learned in full. Hurt no one. Be wise. When your life opens and you see glimpses of reality, then act to correct past deeds. Life is like a film of true being chosen by you to progress up in a divine soul path.

Rise up. Heal yourself of past mistakes. Life is a journey to be understood. There is no death, just a time again to reflect and know deeds – good and bad. It is like the meat eater who tells everyone that they save the poor animals while they have meat balls on the stove sizzling away and ham sandwiches in the lunch box.

Yes, realise life and vibrations now. Don’t say I am going to change. Look in you. Heal your being. Don’t become self-destructive by inaction. See who you are. Contemplate. You are not able to escape self. Rise up to see self and be an empowered soul. Don’t lose your “into the knowing of life.” You are now and in the know of life. Live it out on reality. Don’t fool you. Rise up.

The soldier who believes he/she to be brave, finds out that he/she is or was a fool. Killing is never pure. It leads to guilt and distress of soul. No priest of preacher can wipe away the sinful acts. Only you are the one who can plead a pardon from Creator. You could do good acts to uplift yourself and help your past by your pleadings of pardon. People have had no good training. No one cares about what your life after this life may be.

Help the good teacher to spread the words and open the door to peace. It is not religion that saves you. It is you living a pure life. Know it. Hatred is not of your soul. Creator hates no one. Only the evil deeds of wars and the aftertime of painful memories for generations create hatred and a continued readiness for wars.

Look at it. Who are the ones who make wars? Are they seeding and whispering hatred? Have they lost connection with their pure selves or are they the dark side from another galaxy? Are they seeding greed? Is it through the priest, preacher, rabbi or other? The dark side needs more souls who need to labour since they know not that life is pure. We need to go back to realise that to say no is winning.

I give your my foreseeing for tomorrow. Within 3 years the wars of darkness will have spread around. Fools will have spread hatred of religion. The words no killing will be no more than a story. The pest is great – called war. Before, hatred called men. Now it calls women – the ones who are to be sacred and who carry the next generation. Say no to this. It is foolish. The gods of good living are in shock. Seek to do good deeds. Help spread around the message of good actions before it is too late. The ones who spread hate are fools. There is no pain too great to make or spread war. The ones who want war are crazed and lost.

Contact Creator.

I saw wars and felt loss and pain, which never leaves one. No kind god or gods and no pure being will stoke hate into mad killings. It is a cyclical energy. Stay free. Prepare to live in harmony. Help us to spread the word to say no to killing and religious hatred. There is one Creator and there are many gods to know. There are many weaklings. There is too great a risk for the planet. The suffering and pain is too great for all. Say no now. Make peace. I say, don’t go to war. Religions – stop your hate and confusion. Spread my call. Make posters. Tell the world – no wars and no killing.

I foresee great devastation – a war from Russia and others and wars in the Middle East that will set the world ablaze. Rise up and learn to be free of greed. Help to open hearts in kindness. Say, “What will I do today to be kind and help the poor?” Raise a people who respect life – all life – ending greed and opening the door to harmony. We must now fear hate and religious hatred.

There is life after death of the physical body. Watch out. Don’t miss your eternal life. Don’t kill. There are many gods – good and bad – but only one Creator. You have a conscience. Say no to killing. Say no to poverty. Say yes to one Creator.

Know that many gods or fallen angels make wars. This is a cycle and this may be the last one. Be kind and good. Spread the word. Wars are a sickness of the deranged.  Help save the planet. Say no to wars. Help the poor to be strong.

Thank Creator for all life on earth.

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