Welcome everyone.

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  I want to talk with you about what is going on, what the future holds, what we can do to bring about peace and harmony and how you can come into your own spiritual empowerment.  I would like to hear your thoughts and warmly invite you to join the discussion.  Through awareness, knowledge and wisdom, we can bring about positive change.  Being in the know is never negative. Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye the now is gone but being in the know empowers forever.

Those who have read or listened to my prophecies know that what I have foretold is coming about daily.  Those who act and not react to what is going on are the ones who are empowered.  Step aside when you see the train coming.  Don’t stand in the middle of the track watching it come and think it will stop for you.  Life doesn’t just happen at the Joneses.

We need to build a society of compassion, peace and harmony.  These are the times when people will need each other the most.

I offer the spiritual visitor to my site information on the true complexity of our planet and the universe as well as the great mysteries of all sacred life and the beauty of soul in all its innocence.  I call for you to sever attachments to all dramas of your ego and “must haves” in order to attain pure soul and to let you experience the here and now in all of all and prepare you for your future.

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Open letter to the Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime-Minister Elect


Canada’s New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie

See coverage of election.

Open letter to the Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime-Minister Elect

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Congratulations on your decisive victory. All of our hard work and back-door campaigning paid off.

But there is a problem in Canada that you need to address. Our country never before had such a massive number of poor people, especially seniors whose voices are never heard.

Now that Stephen Harper is leaving and our hard work of getting you elected is over, we hope that you will bring this issue to the fore.

Seniors are living in near-starvation conditions. We all remember the life we had under your father’s rule. That is why we, as seniors, are looking forward to you bringing about changes to the dire poverty that exists.  Homelessness of seniors is rampant and unseen.


The Saoshyant, H.H. Alexandra


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Single Mom Gets Tim Horton’s Bike Surprise


HH. Alexandra presenting bike to Maryan









Bright, shiny red bike – a collector’s 40th anniversary Tim Hortons special

Please allow us to share a most magical thing that happened recently.

We are always amazed that even when in the midst of huge personal hardship that H.H. Alexandra manages to uplift and inspire those she comes in contact with and finds ways to help them. Recently in speaking with single mom of three, Maryan, at a local Tim Hortons donut shop, she found out that her bike had just been stolen when she parked it by the shop to start her midnight shift.

The bike was this mom’s way to get to and from work. So H.H. Alexandra went to work speaking with people and then went to thrift shops to check out prices for a replacement bike.  But as we have seen so often with her, somehow out of nothing comes something wonderful.

A lady at the SPCA thrift shop that H.H. Alexandra spoke with, generously offered to anonymously donate her own bike, which just happened to be a beautiful  Tim Horton’s 40th anniversary collector’s bike. Wow, imagine how the heavens swung that one:))

Maryan was so happy.  It is such a heart-warming story, we wanted to share it with you.

       – the volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra

p.s. – H.H. Alexandra’s own situation is still a very dire one. For those of you who can find compassion in your hearts to help, please contribute through the donate button on menu to the right.  Many thanks and blessings.


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Kindness and Compassion – Your Spiritual Path

new social currency image







Photo by Potolia from Article in Weekend 24

Kindness is an awakening of the masses – a blossoming of a beautiful flower. The masses are realising that without kindness and compassion the world will wither and dry out. More wars and hatred will be the result.   A world without kindness will die off.

I am the ultimate experiencer. At my age I have experienced every kind of brutality and hardship and, most recently, homelessness.  So, I can speak from a heart overflowing with compassion.  I am pleading, not just for myself, but for the so very many who are looked upon as throw-away lives because, whether they are ill or not, or victims of greed or dark manipulations of others, we are looking at our soul companions upon the earth.  If we mock the suffering of others, we invite major lessons into our own existence of any kind in order to wake us up.

We must learn to have compassion and kindness.  Spread it all over the planet to everyone who is living in pain. If there is a little compassion left, I plead that you will also spread it to the animals who are in need.

Over the decades I have spoken at length about kindness, compassion and upliftment and what opening your heart can do for you on your spiritual path of soul growth, not just in this life but in your eternal life.  Remember that there is no death. Your actions and inactions have consequences in this world but also into the next and beyond. It is better to fix it here then to awaken to your faults in the afterlife when the lessons can be even more severe.

I have also encouraged you to reach out to others now and forge new relationships. Build networks of supportive people. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to force you to come together for mutual help. It will be more difficult then and harder to weed out the users and abusers of others.

I encourage you all to look within and expand beyond.  A good starting point is to practice what you would appreciate if you found yourself in someone else’s moccasins who is experiencing difficulty of any kind.

I was happy to read a recent article “kindness – the new social currency” which reflects what I have also put forward to people for so long.


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