Welcome everyone.

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  I want to talk with you about what is going on, what the future holds, what we can do to bring about peace and harmony and how you can come into your own spiritual empowerment.  I would like to hear your thoughts and warmly invite you to join the discussion.  Through awareness, knowledge and wisdom, we can bring about positive change.  Being in the know is never negative. Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye the now is gone but being in the know empowers forever.

Those who have read or listened to my prophecies know that what I have foretold is coming about daily.  Those who act and not react to what is going on are the ones who are empowered.  Step aside when you see the train coming.  Don’t stand in the middle of the track watching it come and think it will stop for you.  Life doesn’t just happen at the Joneses.

We need to build a society of compassion, peace and harmony.  These are the times when people will need each other the most.

I offer the spiritual visitor to my site information on the true complexity of our planet and the universe as well as the great mysteries of all sacred life and the beauty of soul in all its innocence.  I call for you to sever attachments to all dramas of your ego and “must haves” in order to attain pure soul and to let you experience the here and now in all of all and prepare you for your future.

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Calling the Spiritually Awakened


Giving true joy to the soul is the greatest gift of life and of celebrating happiness.

Instead of leading your life pulling a heavy cart like a donkey which can never shake the cart, stop. Look at the cart and where you are going.

Look at your soul and spirit. Is your cart overloaded with worthless memories of the past? Is it time to unload your cart and take a look at you and the contents of your cart and make a choice? Keep what is shiny and makes you at peace and joyous and offers a path to good health.

Come and become aware of the true you.  The door of change is wide open and joy is smiling at you on the other side of the door.

How do you awaken your soul? Learn which keys will open the door to your life’s purpose. Let abundance enter your heart and heal any form of poverty.

This is your time to be in the know and to be such an empowered soul that you can rise to the top in anything and live your dreams.

Contact us. Let us help you.

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Please have a





HH Alexandra is in a very serious situation and we are asking if there is anyone out there who might be able to help. Anything at all would be so appreciated. Every little bit adds up.

Homelessness is threatening her again within 24 hours. We can’t see the torture from last year repeated. She just finishing helping several people out, giving them a roof over their heads. The last one was a homeless senior who was with her for 5 weeks, also receiving her help and guidance.

But she never thinks of herself and her own needs so this is an opportunity to reach out and help her so she can continue doing the work she does best.

Please help in any way you can.

Our grateful thanks to one and all.

A messsage from the volunteers

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The Great Changing Times – 2016 to 2020

Now, more than ever, you need to realise that a great danger lurks on earth because confusion has come to the planet and there is no balance.

So many, many stories have been told to the masses. So many believe that they have been lied to and are still being lied to.  The people know it and have been afraid to speak up for a very long time. A mass of believing and fear have been created.

Hatred is flowing like a black cloud.  Even though the golden shine of the sun is vibrating, many are acting on dark advice.

Still, hope is rising for all to seek peace and kindness on planet earth.

All life is special. Hate no more.


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How You Can Make a Difference

A word from volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra…

Please help us find a benefactor to support H.H. Alexandra’s work…

Dear friends,

Have you ever wanted to do something that makes a difference in the world –– to do something tangible – but you just don’t know what?  This is your chance!  It will only take a couple of minutes of your time and a few clicks on social media.

Help the many who are living in fear of dying. Give hope to those who are ill.  Empower victims of war to know that life continues for those who lost their physical life.  Help break down barriers between people of different beliefs, colour and backgrounds.  How?  Help get H.H. Alexandra’s book “Your Soul’s Eternal Journey” published. Let it be a vehicle to help bring peace, harmony and change upon the planet and raise the consciousness of humanity.

Beyond this, H.H. Alexandra has other books ready to go and is anxious to lecture (in response to the many requests from so many of you) for the information she has to give is critical to educate and empower people through the times of change we are now in and to raise people’s compassion. This is a critical time for the world to awaken and everyone in the know to be empowered.Those of you who have followed her prophecies over the years only have to turn on the news to witness them coming about.

As many of you know, H.H. Alexandra has spent her lifetime selflessly helping others. – always the one out there for everyone – helping those in need, whether it was rescuing kids on the street; bringing train box cars full of food to the hungry on native reserves in Alberta; setting up suicide prevention lines that helped save many lives; taking the homeless into her home and giving them a hand up, self-esteem and dignity; coaching people in their transition to the afterlife; saving thousands of lives as a child during WW II by giving prophetic information on how to make people safe; or giving a huge amount of educational, revealing and powerful information on our past, present and future and on our spiritual soul journey.

Please help us find a benefactor(s) to support H.H. Alexandra’s work!  Her work going out will help so many around the world to be empowered.  If you can spread the word on social media or talk to people you know, you will be doing such a great good deed! 

And our most sincere and grateful thanks to those who have followed and supported H.H. Alexandra’s work over the years.

People you know who are interested in supporting H.H. Alexandra’s work can do so by contributing directly

or by contacting us at info@saoshyant.org

With our warm gratitude. Many blessings to all.

– the volunteers

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