Welcome everyone.

We are living in times of great change upon the planet.  I want to talk with you about what is going on, what the future holds, what we can do to bring about peace and harmony and how you can come into your own spiritual empowerment.  I would like to hear your thoughts and warmly invite you to join the discussion.  Through awareness, knowledge and wisdom, we can bring about positive change.  Being in the know is never negative. Living in the now and trusting in the now could be disastrous.  When you blink your eye the now is gone but being in the know empowers forever.

Those who have read or listened to my prophecies know that what I have foretold is coming about daily.  Those who act and not react to what is going on are the ones who are empowered.  Step aside when you see the train coming.  Don’t stand in the middle of the track watching it come and think it will stop for you.  Life doesn’t just happen at the Joneses.

We need to build a society of compassion, peace and harmony.  These are the times when people will need each other the most.

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The Ultimate Gift


The great joy of being and spreading kindness is knowing that the ultimate gift is within and in life beyond, and in keeping our souls in harmony with the all of the all by doing good until our earthly end and our true beginning – our never-ending consciousness awakened in all.

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Drones and Your Privacy


Photo from Vancouver Province – “A drone similar to this Phantom model, but with a camera mounted, has been seen and videotaped flying around in downtown Vancouver. – Amazon”

Those of you who read The Etherean Travellers and the Magical Child, remember my foretelling of what are now called drones, just as I had also spoken about them in the early 1970s.

Recent activities with drones are making people realise that their privacy is at stake.  In the current unregulated environment, where anyone can own and use a drone, the era of thinking you can leave your drapes open because no one can see in is over.

People with tinted glass and non-see through drape businesses will be smiling because this is a time when people will desire their privacy.   But this is also a time when people can kiss their freedom goodbye.

Are you going to be like the big dog or little cat who only sleeps on his/her mat or section of the couch while they come and rob you of your liberty, privacy and freedom?

See articles from Vancouver and American Civil Liberties.

I have spoken about drones in the past.  See postings, 1, 2, and 3

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Seed the Seeds of Love and Peace


Through times gone by there have been many avatars who have come and gone and many gods were called. None brought peace.

Let us now respect one Creator on earth and make peace for all. Seek out the best on earth for all, free of greed, under one sky and knowing one Creator.

Share love. Dance and sing out loud wherever you are. Make peace on earth. Seed the seeds of love for all colours and religions and for rich and poor.  Hate no more.

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