Prophecy Re: Trump


I foretell that President-Elect Trump will be like a fish in a big pond, swimming erratically and waiting to be pulled out of the pond – hook, line and sinker – only to be thrown back into it and into obscurity.

So much will rise to the surface about Trump that he will go elsewhere to lick his wounds. Perhaps he will swim into Czar Putin’s pond.  Will he be chased off the White House steps?  Stay tuned.

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Reaction to Racism Towards First Lady Michelle Obama


Thank you to Michelle Obama for your work as First Lady.

With the recent racist posting (click here for report), which resulted in the resignation of Mayor Beverly Whaling of Clay, West Virginia and removal of Pamela Ramsey Taylor as Director of the Clay County Development Corp., the world watched and reacted in support of Mrs. Obama.

Not dignity, peace nor harmony can be forced on ones who perpetrate slanderous hate.  The world should thank you for all the good you have done for all women of all races. May you have a wonderful, precious journey for the rest of your life.

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Donald Trump – A Letter to the USA

donald trump free clipart from donkey hotey







(Creator of Donald  Trump Image – Donkey Hotey)

Dear USA,

I am a voice from the past. I was known as “The Little Prophet Extraordinaire” during WW II. As a child. I gave prophetic information to the Dutch underground to help save many lives.

I call you all not to vote for Donald Trump. In my vision, I foresee he will bring great hardship for America and the world;  internal war with neighbor fighting neighbor, brother killing sister and brother; and even a break up of states within the USA and with the borders of Canada and Mexico.

His selfishness will tear the country to pieces.  He will be a disaster.

Donald Trump for beautiful America? No. Say no to Trump.

I believe he is like a Hitler in the make and in my visions I see him as the ultimate dictator.

The people in the USA are being deceived.

The Little Prophet Extraordinaire calls for America to say no to Donald Trump.

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