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A message from the volunteers who work with H.H. Alexandra.


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December 30, 2015 Update

We are putting out a special New Year’s wish for another miracle. We are reaching out to all of you who are spiritually attuned and who recognize that H.H. Alexandra has great insights to share about what is to come on this planet and who would like to help ensure she never has to worry about her day-to-day survival again.

Those of you who follow her prophecies know how accurate she is. We in Vancouver were reminded of it 3 hours ago when an earthquake shook this area for she has long forewarned of what can happen here.  Many people write in who speak of things she foretold of years, or even decades ago, that are coming about.

The past year has been a tortuous experience for H.H. Alexandra and took her away from her work, which is needed more urgently now than ever. We are so lucky to have her as a living prophet who is here to help us through these times.  There is no need to look to deceased prophets for answers when the one who can answer the questions is here in the flesh.

We pray that those who can help will do so in order to allow her to put her energies into educating and empowering humanity and to help her get her message out to the world.

We need H.H. Alexandra now more than ever.

December 11, 2015 Update

We are so very thankful to report that H.H. Alexandra is no longer homeless. But the next two months of transition are critical to keeping a roof over her head and her warm and safe.

In her December 11, 2015 message, we added a note from the volunteers which said, “We are so very grateful for the great spiritual gift H.H. Alexandra received that allowed her to get off the street and rescue her writings and life’s work from storage, which was also a miracle in itself. What she endured this past year has been horrific but she is determined that her experience be used to help others in need. Meanwhile, though, we need to make sure the next month or two of her expenses are covered to make sure she stays off the street and can have a stable existence while she continues her much needed work for all of us.

Other things will be put in place over these next months to help facilitate her survival, but we do need help getting her through the transition. We are therefore reaching out to you in this time with a plea for your help please. She has gone through so much during her life and to have experienced homelessness and poverty at 78 has been such a tragedy. We pray for heavenly help from those who are able to share whatever they are able.

Please donate if you are able. Our great thanks and appreciation to all.”

September 2015 – Update

It has been a horrific few months for H.H. Alexandra.  She has been living in a borrowed, small minivan in the most dire of conditions. Her health is being severely impacted and the cold, wet weather has now begun and will only get worse with winter looming.

 We desperately need to get her housed and rescue her belongings. This is cruel torture for the one whose history is all about helping humanity.

Please help if you can. If you can’t donate but can encourage others to help, it would be such a wonderful thing and so much appreciated.

We are pleading for your compassion to help this forever loving soul.

Many thanks and blessings to you and yours.

May 8, 2015 Update

Today is H.H. Alexandra’s birthday.  We wish it could be a joyful one but things have gotten worse for her as she lost her temporary shelter 5 nights ago. Nights since have been cold, damp,  windy and dangerous.  What is happening is so cruel for her to endure. Sadly the one who does so much for so many became victim when the tide turned for others. Even so, she did not desert them in their disaster.

Please have compassion for a spiritual holy elder and help if you are able. (See donate button below)

Many thanks and many blessings.

April 20, 2015 Update

A terribly devastating situation has developed for H.H. Alexandra. Because of the regrettable actions of others, she has found herself homeless and destitute at 77 years of age with her two precious doggie best friends.  This is a crisis and we are pleading for your help please.  The need is immediate to find her housing, rescue her belongings including her writings from storage and ensure she has day-to-day survival.     She has always been the one to rescue others out of homelessness, abuse, hunger, neglect, destitution and injustice, often putting her own life at risk to do so.  For one who has given so much for others over her lifetime, we are pleading with the world to please help her.  Please give what you can. She has so much left to give and do for people!  (See donate button below.)

May the blessings you bestow come back to you a thousand times over.

With warmest gratitude – the volunteers

Original Message 

We are very fortunate to have, in H.H. Alexandra, a living lady prophet who can help us through times of great change upon the planet.  It is for your benefit that she is here. It is you who will gain from the powerful insights and empowerment she provides. Those who have watched her prophecies over the years can attest to their accuracy as they see them being fulfilled.  Those who listen have benefited tremendously. Those who don’t, often cry that they wish they had.

With what is about to happen in the near future, the information she gives is more critical now than ever before.  She helped to save thousands of lives during WW II. She can help to save countless more now.  As a prophet her life has been, and continues to be, fraught with challenges. She should not have to worry about how she survives day by day or how she can keep the information flowing to help others.

This is where you can help by supporting her work and allowing this blog to continue. Please give as you are able. Don’t think others will do the doing. Her hardship is extreme yet she keeps giving to all.  We need to do everything we can to make sure she is still here with us. Please help.

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With great thanks to all. Many blessings.

     – The Volunteers

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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