Everything Is Cyclical

The traitor can be found by another traitor. The wise will find each other and stick together.

Watch the future. Everything is cyclical. The cycle glides from the four corners of the earth. Every corner gets a turn.
I remind you of my prophecies of old telling you that you will be tracked like a duck. The “chip” will be implanted in every child born around the world, just as you chip your dog. Then it will be your turn. In some places this is already being done, including some prisons and mental health institutions. The story is that it is for their safety as well as yours.

Think again.


About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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