Zarathustra (Zoroaster) – Here After Last Polar Shift

This post is in answer to Harold’s comment to my March 20/12 post “Ignorance Is Not Bliss,” in which he writes, “ I have a question about Zarathustra.  First where did Zarathustra live or where was he born. I heard he was born in Iran but some people say Afghanistan. Second why did the Roman Catholic Church steal the life of Zarathustra and made it into the Jesus Story. Did Jesus exist or was he a myth. I believe that Zarathustra was a real person that existed but i’am not sure that jesus was a real person. And lastly was Zarathustra the Christ. And who is Maitreya the World Teacher? Is he Zarathustra in disguise?”

Thank you for your inquiry as it prompts a very much-needed answer.

First of all, Zarathustra’s father came from beyond the stars – from a planet past Crossings.  He came after the last polar shift and saw the lawlessness of the ones who served.  He travelled the Middle East and India.  He also travelled to Ethiopia and Samoa where he found his to-be wife and married her.  She was of normal stature but he was more than nine feet tall.  There is a carving on the great pyramid of Egypt of Zarathustra’s mother and father riding on the back of a donkey or another small type of horse.

The evidence of Zarathustra’s life is in abundance because his father attracted attention since he came from beyond the stars and was, and still is, a very holy being who came and went from here.  Know that he spoke about Creator and a wonderful place where there is peace and harmony and no wars.  He desired to teach all survivors of the polar shift to have peace.  He taught Zarathustra peace and to know and remember the Creator and the Etherean Worlds.  He took his son and wife to India to be educated by Brahma.  He lived for a time with them in the Afghanistan Mountains and they spent time in Pakistan and Egypt.  From there he moved to Iran and lived there.

Later Zarathustra went to Iran too.  The evidence is that he was not born there but lived there for many years and died there.  Zarathustra was very tall, like his father.  He was crucified, burned on a pyre and then manifested himself as a whole being before leaving for the heavens.

You can read Oahspe to gain insight into Zarathustra (and much more).

You asked why Rome sent the Black Friars, who are now known as the Jesuits, to Alexandria to steal the original accounts of Zarathustra’s life and artefacts that were there in abundance.  The Library of Alexandria, which housed the material, was looted and burned three times.  Thousands upon thousands were slaughtered.  If you read in Oahpse about the crucifixion of Zarathustra and then read the account of Jesus, you will see what was and, still today is, done.

Some writings say that the Jesus story is the one copied and adjusted from Zarathustra’s life.

Be at peace now.  The Creator – Jehovih – the all of the all – is the one Zarathustra talked about as so real to all before birth and after death.  Note that when I speak of Jehovih, it is not the Jehovah spoken of by Christians.

Pure living is the way to peace.  Learn to live in honour.  Let there be no killing.  Christians, Jews and Muslims need to practise love and compassion and use their wisdom to help the downtrodden.  It is hard to be re-educated but, yes, you can do it now.  All people can come together as one and live in peace, without religious confusions.

Know that Christians cherish wings on their angels.  They are not attributing the ‘tales’ on angels of which others call legend.

You can travel to the place in Pakistan where there is a drawing of Zarathustra’s father’s spaceship. Even Hillary Clinton went there.  Think of why it is that the Iranian government is so concerned about people wanting to go to sacred places in Iran from March 20th through April 1st 2012, in celebration of Norooz.  (I do wish all a Happy Norooz.)

During the time after Zarathustra there were many saviours.  They came by the dozens after he, as the holy one, had come to teach about Creator.  Go and see the ancient carving on the pyramid in Egypt I spoke of earlier.  “This is not Jesus,” said my Egyptian friend.  “The carving is older.”  Sorry Rome, the stories you tell do not fit the measure of time.

Know that I had an insider as a teacher – a Catholic cardinal in my father’s family.  My father was a former Jesuit priest who had serious stories to tell me too.

Yes, Zarathustra is the one – the one who brought word of Creator and of living a peaceful, harmonious existence.  For more than 65 years I have spoken about Zarathustra’s time on the planet, the evolution of religions after the last polar shift and the need for humanity to break down barriers of racism, hatred and prejudice and come together for the sake of the planet and all that lives upon it.  One-upmanship is a man-made condition that needs to come to an end.

And no, I do not believe what Benjamin Creme has promoted for decades as Maitreya.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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5 Responses to Zarathustra (Zoroaster) – Here After Last Polar Shift

  1. patrick says:

    Who is benjamin creme and maitreya? I haven’t heard of them

  2. sandra says:

    I am a little confused by this response. I have no doubt that the Catholic and other Christian churches have taken great liberties with history. However, in my personal experience, Jesus was indeed a historical person and a high level spiritual teacher incarnate who is still very much teaching and guiding from beyond his physical body and this earth.

    I cannot attest to the extent to which Zarathustra’s life story and the story of Jesus have been merged and fictionalized, because I have never received direct communication from Zarathustra and I do not know much about him. Why is it so inconceivable that both Zarathustra and Jesus were crucified and rose from the dead? Human beings have been in the past (and even now) quite brutal and crucifixion was a common form of torture and execution. Also spiritual masters are all capable of rising from the dead and controlling their consciousness through out all phases of physical existence including transitioning. This doesn’t have to be an either or situation and it is possible that masters come and teach these lessons over and over again, so humanity can learn. we can be dense like that.

    There is, however, one huge fallacy in the legacy and teachings of Jesus that really upsets me that the Christian church has perpetrated against humanity and that has to deal with the oppression of women. The truth of the matter is that the spiritual representative after the death of Jesus whom he chose was a woman; she was a disciple, but not one of the famous male 12 disciples. She was chosen to carry on to represent his teachings and this can be found in the gnostic/coptic Christian traditions. The male representative of Jesus through the disciples was not his true choice and it was more of a political decoy that was used by people as a tool to oppress people, not the truth.

  3. J-Lyn says:

    Dear H.H.Alexandra,
    I found your page on Google. I had a dream (probably early morning) as I could remember bits of it upon waking up immediately. Before this, I was told “they couldn’t let me see them in case I would be frightened.” Next I was somewhere walking and on the ground there were “drawings” or markings, like people use a stick to draw something on the earth, anyway the markings from the symbols led to images of a female (not young but not too old) on the left and a man with a robe-costume and some kind of hat on his head, he had a beard and then I was “told” that this was Zoroaster. But I looked at the drawing again and he looked like he was not tall but he was small in size. There was another one of him sitting on a rock and again he kind of looked small (or maybe I was tall in the dream, I don’t know). I heard singing as well, that woke me up, the singing was a female voice (probably mezzo-soprano or even alto range) it was almost tonal (I’m a musician) I couldn’t recognise the language or perhaps it was a kind of hum, it was so loud it woke me up.

    I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know if Zoroaster was small (somehow I am curious) and if the dream had any lesson for me. I don’t know much about Zoroaster.

    thanks very much
    yours truly.

    • J-Lyn – your dream is lifting you up to a higher state. The sound you heard was to attune the vibration through your spinal chord for your soul. Soon you will have another dream and that will supply you with your very personal answer. Singing and music are blessings for the soul. Play and sing often. Zoroaster (Zarathustra) was close to 12 feet tall and his father was over 12 feet and yet his mother was small, like an earth being. She was from Somalia, had a lovely tan and a pure soul. (Yes, and there is lots of evidence of Zarathustra having walked the earth. His father walked in Afghanistan. There are still stories in Somalia about his mother who left with a giant. In Egypt in one of the pyramids, there is a depiction of Zarathustra’s mother, father and half donkey/horse and only recently in last 35 years did they label it Jesus, Mary and Joseph but in actual fact it was there before. So you know to read the anecdotes from the Library of Alexandria to get more insight. Read Oahspe for more insights (get the green cover version published by Ray Palmer).

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