Tomas Young’s Open Letter to Former President George W. Bush and Ex-VP Dick Cheney

Lest we forget the accounts of those who have been to war and through war….

There is an open letter that Iraq War veteran Tomas Young wrote to former President George W. Bush and ex-VP Dick Cheney that is self-explanatory.  I invite you to read it and open your hearts to be compassionate.  Google for other related articles.

May the world pray for Thomas and contemplate sending him love that will follow him to the other world when his time to pass comes.

Pray too for all war victims far and wide.  This includes even those who are still coming upon the planet years after wars have ended, like the deformed babies who have been and continue to be born in Iraq due to depleted uranium exposure and to the military and their families who were also exposed and have had many children with birth defects as a result.

Know that neither spirit, nor soul, can be deformed by war and hate. They just suffer.

Souls are souls.  People are people, regardless of their nationality or where they live.

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