The Miracles of Quan Yin

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You can have a chance to ask for a miracle in your life. The Quan Yin shown above has special powers as many who have been on the receiving end can attest.

Please read on and see how you can ask.

But first, a little background. Many of you know my circumstance right now and how harsh life can be when for so many years I have been the one to give help and support to the so many, but now realise that maybe I did not give enough attention as to whether or not I myself would be okay. Because I was not “me, me” oriented and was trusting of others, I suddenly found myself without funds and homeless.

The mini-van that now gives me shelter was loaned by two special seniors.  My biggest worry is that they will need to ask for it back and that would mean the street as an alternative.

When I became homeless, I brought with me into the mini-van a most wonderful gift given to me many years ago by a Chinese artist. It is a beautiful statue of Quan Yin – the last he ever made.  She rides in the front seat for I would not put Quan Yin in a storage locker when its energies need to expand outwards.

Quan Yin is a dual being – being part male and part female – a she/he.  While many believe that Quan Yin is a Buddhist deity, she/he came from the heavens long before religions took shape.  She/he brought the beautiful flowers to the planet.  The statue is the physical representation of true manifested energy.

The Chinese gentleman told his wife that this Quan Yin has very special properties. He had created it in China and brought it to Canada, feeling that the she/he must remain in Canada in a special place and with a spiritual, caring caregiver.  He saw me for many days pass by his store.  His wife could see energy and told me that what she saw around me was remarkable and that they knew I was the one who could join energies with Quan Yin for the good of all and help spread the energies.  One day he sent his son after me to ask me to come and visit him and his wife. When I arrived the father asked if I owned a car. I replied yes, an old ford Lincoln. He told his son to bring a blanket to the front seat of the car and then placed Quan Yin on it. He told me that I was now the caretaker.  I was very humbled by his desire for me to do this and his entrusting me with what had taken him a year or more to create.

So I have remained the custodian of this very beautiful and powerful Quan Yin.  I know that over the years Quan Yin has proven very beneficial to many people who came into her energy. In one case a sister’s brother had recently died and she came to me seeking help for a second brother who was ill with the same condition. I sat with Quan Yin, prayed to Creator and asked for help. The second brother was cured.  There are no miracle guarantees but surely miraculous things have taken place.

I have never asked Quan Yin for anything for myself – only for others. But during this time in the van, we had four narrowly averted accidents that could have proven fatal were it not for the she/he energies helping. On top of that we had a flat tire on Friday. “How did you ever make it here,” asked the tire fellow when we finally arrived.  It was nothing short of divine intervention. We were floating on air that did not exist to get there.

If you wish to benefit from Quan Yin’s energies, please send an email ( with your request. I will present it to her on your behalf and return a photo of her and a personal message from me to you.  Keep track of the good things that happen for you after that.

Meanwhile, at this time, we are in serious need to find those around the world who lovingly and with compassion will give a helping hand to raise funds for a home for all of us.  Quan Yin needs to be in a place in my home, where people can come and visit her and make their requests.

Thank you for your compassion. May Quan Yin show you the same love and compassion in your life and give you great empowerment.

PS – A Message from the volunteers – If you would like to ask for Quan Yin’s help, we ask that you please email info@saoshyant,org with your request and  please gift  a minimum of $10 to help meet costs and help to provide a home for Quan Yin and H.H. Alexandra.  Many thanks… 


About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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