The Future – With Compassion and Care

Looking at the future …

As per my constant warning, I feel it is time for you who are not aware to know that when many people said that the planet would come to a disaster in 2012, I revealed that 2013 through 2015 would more be the time of hardships and especially polar shift activities.  Even the fires that are taking place are from over heated locations upon the plane.  2013 is the one to be concerned about. Many aggressive energies from other planets and places in the universes will affect mother earth.

Many have thanked me for giving information to save lives.  Now again, another get-ready time is soon beginning.  Be prepared. There will be tsunamis in many places where there is a shore. There will be danger from Mexico to Vancouver, Canada.  Earthquake activities and tsunamis of great force will happen in places never thought to be in danger like Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle and maybe even San Francisco.

You will note increasing volcanic eruptions and the falling of ash. There will be worries of ash covering lands and water supplies.

Communications will suffer in many places  – USA, Mexico, Vancouver (BC), Seattle, San Francisco and onward.

Even the Middle East – like Turkey – will most likely be attacked and create a danger for all peoples in the Middle East and others who may be involved in these war-like actions The time is soon – 2012, 2013, 2014 and ending in 2015 – there will be major war that ends in hardship and danger for our planet.

I saw the dangers long ago and when I told in 1992 in Toronto of these dangers, the Edgar Cayce followers said the world would come to an end.  My answer was that change could come about if mankind would stop hatred, wars and the idea of murders through war to cut back the global population.

We need to take a breath and then say no. Stop it here now. We the people need to count our voices and call out for peace and love.  It is a wonderful planet for all peoples, regardless of their religions.

Israel is always in a state of war and has been since ancient times.  It is a good and kind gift from the times to give Palestine their home.  Mankind needs to learn to forgive and mostly to have compassion.  They need to learn respect for the different nationalities through the practising of honour and understanding in order to see progress and equality and not the great one-upmanship practised by the so-called perfected aristocrats.  There is only the true aristocratic in this new era where there are only the pure of soul to be desired.  2030 will have a renewal.

I call to end all weapons of hatred. Ban them.  Restore respect for elders.  Let us call for peace everywhere since the planet is in peril for 4 years and we need to practise honour on earth. From March 10 through April and on to 2013 major upheavals from volcanoes could create havoc.  Oceans could move in response to underground volcanoes, creating floods and tsunamis until 2015.

Be wise.  Have respect for life.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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10 Responses to The Future – With Compassion and Care

  1. sandra says:

    I think things are changing for the better. I think peoples’ hearts are opening and softening and we will see some positive changes. People are standing up and changing in a big way. Maybe I am naive, but that is what I have been feeling. Hope you are ok, Sister Saoshyant.

    • Sandra, The better is because people need to be awakened and less materialistic and have to open their hearts to the true meaning of compassion. It is very nice that you are aware of the positive change that is wafting in on the winds of awakening. Thank you for asking about my situation. It seems to be that the insurer is cranking it up to be more harassing. It feels like a struggle between light and dark which makes it very hard to survive financially. I hope for you that life is treating you gently.

  2. sandra says:

    The insurers will cause a fuss, but in the end they will give you everything that you need. I do not think you need to worry about that. It is all smoke and mirrors and it seems one administrator may be very sensitive and sympathetic to your case and putting on a show, but all will be provided. As for me, life hasn’t been treating me so gently, but that is ok. it is my responsibility to keep my peace and do the work that I must do. Thank you for the good wishes.

    • Hi Sandra, Ben here – one of the volunteers. Maybe I can explain a bit from what we see here in BC. This is about the mandatory auto insurer for the province. They have 4500 people working for them. This insurer does not end up giving what is needed. They fight tooth and nail to give nothing or next to nothing as we’ve heard from so many first hand accounts. This is not smoke and mirrors. We believe that it is calculated dirty tricks and cruel, uncaring behaviour and that the system here needs to change. Would be nice if you could change basic insurer but you can’t. It is government controlled. Our best wishes to you.

      • sandra says:

        Ben, I just had a feeling from reading the post that there is a specific administrator on this case who is very compassionate and sympathetic. Is there a middle aged lady with very dark blonde/mousy lighter brown hair in a bob like cut, longer than chin, but above shoulders (about 1/2 way between), working on this case? her dress is kind of drab, frumpy-typical longer business skirts and jackets in brownish colors. she looks like she is not trying to stir up waves in how she looks or how she acts, but she is willing to do so in this case. she may appear formal and timid, but she is aware of who Saoshyant is and she is aware of the injustice and tired of it. if one appeals to her, you will get results.

        • Hi Sandra, Thanks for sharing this. I personally don’t know of anyone that fits that description but you never know who is there behind the scenes. All we know is that what is taking place is cruel and that there are specific people assigned who are in place that you must deal through. But let us stay in tune and pray for the best. Many thanks, Ben

  3. Danielle says:

    I was given the address of your blog by a friend of mine. I have been reading your predictions and I am interested in what you have to say. I live in England, and I understand that you believe that England will be destroyed by floods etc. Looking at your posts you never seem to mention England and what happens here after the earth changes etc. Are you trying to say that there will be no England left to speak of, with no government etc etc. Do you really believe that England will go the same way as Atlantis?? There are over 50 million people who live in England alone, surely the Government would try and warn people etc?

    You say the polar shift will happen by 2014, for those who survive the earthchanges in England will they live a primitive survivor type life or will survival not be at all possible?

    I would really appreciate your answers to my questions, as it’s a little bit scary if you are indeed as accurate as I am told.

    • Danielle, I appreciate your concern about where you live and the times we are in. I included world safety locations in my book, Be in the Know, along with about 180 pages of prophecies I have given over the years that give further insights.

      I made a detailed map of the future long ago but dissemination of it must be handled with respect and responsibility. I do not wish to instil fear in people but rather empower them so they can make choices. Lack of funds has hampered my efforts to do what I wish with this and other information I have. So the world has to be patient until I can financially rise myself up.

      I am not sure where you got your understanding that all of England would be destroyed? In which part of England do you reside?

  4. Danielle says:

    thanx for the good news about not all of england being destroyed this will make my family very happy. My whole family lives in the southwest of england, and we do not have the money or the opportunities to leave the country. could you tell me if there is any part of england that is safe from the pole shift that you have discussed on your blog. we have very little money and even moving out of england is not an option for us.

    if you can give us some advice on what we can do to prepare here in the southwest of england, and what possibly is the worst that we can expect to happen.

    • Danielle, As you have seen my prophecies of floods and rising waters in England are being fulfilled. My advice is to get to higher ground if possible. What the future will bring will depend on what mankind creates in their state of greed. May they all find compassion. The Royal family is still living in Britain so you are okay for now.

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