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Prophecy – Heads Up

As a prophetic child, I warned that we are living in the century when the threat made in the 1200s by the loser in a dual between two popes will manifest itself unless the world awakens and is alert to … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day – 2014

As a survivor of WWII, I still see at this moment in time other horrific wars and the suffering they create.  So many, when they are are young, are part of war or of committing war.  They have to realise, … Continue reading

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Impact of Siding Spring Comet Passing Mars

Photograph: Steve Lee/Australian Astronomical Observatory/Twitter Today is a day of major changes for our planet and the universe. The great Siding Spring comet passing close to Mars will bring about changes to all. Vibrations are real and powerful and can … Continue reading

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