Save the Planet. Say No to Fracking!

Heal the planet.  Save nature from “fracking” and from unnecessary drilling for what you do not need, nor do many understand.

So many of you have asked about fracking and its impact on the earth plane.  As a spiritual being I must see to address the horrors of fracking on a living, pulsating creation from Creator’s universe. Earth was created to have wondrous creatures, rivers and oceans and lovely mountains and then to have peoples of all races, creeds and colours – none inferior to another.  The he/she Creator made all its own order.

We are now seeing great danger to our whole planet – all for greed.  Fracking is a danger. It is poisonous and hurts our planet’s vibrations.  Whether a small or great operation, it creates great risk of earthquake activity far and near. The tremors created are dangerous and traverse the earth, triggering massive earthquakes in other unstable areas.

As I have forewarned before, the earth is in a polar wobble. It is what mankind is doing to the planet that can precipitate a full on polar shift, be it by drilling for oil, fracking or dropping bombs.  Fracking is yet another way mankind is unbalancing the planet and the planet will have no choice but to respond with massive earth and climate changes. If you are waiting for proof, don’t wait too long. You might end up tasting a polar shift.

So, peacefully protest now against all abuse to the planet, whatever it may be.  Let us save our forests and oceans and bring them back to a pristine state.  Stop the multifaceted abuses to our planet and all that lives upon it.

Let all rise up and say no to fracking.  It is your life and the lives of future generations that are at risk.


About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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