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There will be danger from strange and unusual weather conditions in Australia and New Zealand.  The USA, Canada and Sudan will experience unusual cyclones, tornadoes, rainfall and snow in some places which have never before seen it.   In the spring/summer many will have difficulties with unusual storms bringing large hailstones.  During these times you will also see usually warm areas being cold and usually cold areas experiencing great heat.

There will be weather hardships – bad storms and raging ocean waters from storms and earthquake activity for USA, Canada and in the Vancouver and lower mainland areas, including Delta, Richmond, Tsawwassen and out to Langley (from Fraser River flooding).

Note the additional earthquake activity taking place per my August 18/12 prophecies including 7.5M quake off coast of Alaska on January 5/13,  7.3M quake off Japan coast on December 7/12 and 6.9M quake in northern Japan on February 2/13.  Heads up.

The time is now revealing itself of what I have said since the 1990s that the power from Britain, wielded through the USA, is fading.  Canada will break itself off from Britain, including from its economic controls.  You will see Canada going first – balking about costs to the real up-keeping time.  Within three years from now they will be free of Britain.  A sinister discovery to come will cause Australia to end all relations with Britain and it will become its own country after Canada breaks its ties.  Within 15 years Australia will also cut itself off.  The USA will follow as well, likely as the last one to break its ties.

The British royals are seen as an economic drain.  There have been changes in the Dutch Royal House and how it reigns which has made it more beloved with the people.  The British Monarchy will also see major changes in the way it presents itself to and with the people.
You will see great turmoil with Euro as it will eventually break up and collapse, as I have foretold before.

The pollution problem in China is enormous and the world is calling upon China’s government to bring change.

Egypt is a boiling pot of anger where racial and religious hatred and killing are growing now.

Don’t forget that there is one Creator and many gods.  There are many good gods, angels and Ethereans who watch over the planet.  Then there are the fallen gods and angels who will create havoc through wars and religious strife.  It is now time to have everyone ask what they believe in.

Striking?  Yes, many will strike and demand fairness.  But think about the seniors who can’t strike.  So, must they starve?  Not all seniors have loving children who will help them.  In Canada so many seniors starve, as do little children and this is something that the United Nations seem to be unaware of or don’t care about.   Rents in Canada, especially in Vancouver and area, are very high.  In Vancouver itself the cost of a one bedroom can run into the thousands and finding a decent, dry, mould-free and safe one presents a challenge.  Then there is heat, hydro, food, medicine and other expenses.   A senior over 65 on old-age pension without a supplement gets a maximum of $546 per month.   If they qualify for a supplement then the total they can receive is about $1200 per month but even with this it is not enough to survive.  If you are lucky you have a car that allows you to get around because everything is spread out far.  Women and men who are abandoned can get help from welfare but it is not enough to live on either.   For those of you in Europe or Australia who believe that elders have it so good in Canada, please know that it is not so.  Prime Minister Harper is the one who appears to feel no care for the ones who paid their taxes and more taxes until they became poor.  Food is so expensive now.  It along with clothing, shoes, bus fares and medicines are hard to buy for many.   Canada is not the land of honey when you are sick or old.

It is time to change now.  Soon many will need kindness.  Help each other now.  Don’t create genocide by starving the seniors.  They are hungry and so poor.  No, it is not karma.  It is mean and uncaring behaviour towards the ones in need.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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