Prophecies, Peace and Being an Awakened Being

Never is there an angel who will not abandon you.  The spirit of your ancestors and your spirit connect.  It matters not.  Realise that Creator made all and sent the messengers to our planet – the great holy ones – male and female.  Now is the time to be an awakened being – a pure soul.  It is time to open all beings to peace, to learn to be at peace, to live and let live, and to guide them to tolerance and self honour.

Come listen to the messengers that the all pure sends to keep peace for all people – far and wide.  Time is changing and all need to ready for peace, not wars.  Trust in the all divine Creator.  It is time to be aware and not out of ego, hate, hatred from others or fear of not knowing.  The time is now for all power nations to end all negativity.

Now is the time to be wise.  The great heat in so many places in Canada and the USA make a great risk for earthquake activity.  The abnormal heat wave is a sign to use.  In the USA there will be a warning to many to help the weakest and to strengthen all the old who worked to give what you are now.  Awaken from your selfish “me.”

Obama did you all good.  He is the one you will all remember by next year.

The USA is not my country but you who live there need to learn to honour today and respect life.  The planet is in flux.  Earthquakes will come in many places.  Be wise and kind.  The heavens will remind you to help those you can – the poor in your life and in your country.  Be ready.  Changes are coming.  Sorry, Romney is not your saviour.  He is a “me, me” person.  He is not for you who labour hard and even not for the others.  There is no glamour there.  Saturnus is not so kind, I am told.  With Jupiter, there is progress for Democrats who plan the times ahead.  Vote wisely.  My advice is that this is a year to be wise.  To my neighbours in the USA, I would vote Democrat if I were you.  Check for story telling.  Problems were created by your Bush man.  You need to carry on in peace.  Not a hundred men could have fixed the mess made then.  It will last until 2016 and then you will rise.  I hope you know that Obama received a mess and only he will care for you USA.

China will rise economically.  By 2016 the planet will be a super power.  In 2012 China’s leaders will have a time of discord.  It will change the troubled energies.

2013 will start to shine to become humanity’s choices.

Watch Arabia soon for the stress of change.

In Iran it is a time to be careful.  Women are in a time of great awakening and are not liked by male aggressive rulers.  There are war-like energies.  Freedom is not yet to be seen.  The rulers of Iran are stressed by progress.  Beware.  At this time the computer may be the thing to secure.  From now until 2015 be careful.  Be safe.

Mexico is a place to avoid for a time of change.  There will be great earthquake risks from 2012 to 2013, as well as unrest.

For Japan it is a time for more great changes.  Let there be no more subservient slavery.  This is a time of disasters to deal with until 2016.   Then peace in many forces will be.  Be strong.  Learn to be free and to love each other.

For the United Nations, know that it is time to end rebellions through just actions.  More troubles will force you to be strong.

In Canada, know that your place is as peace maker and care giver to your own and the world.  Stay free.  Love the people.  Keep balance.  Changes will be from nature.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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