More Scandals for Vatican – Benedict’s Abdication – What’s the Hurry?

In my post on Feb 20th I advised that Pope Benedict’s abdication portends the coming of the end of the papacy.  I said, “Will something so scandalous and devastating come to light?”

Today media is reporting that the United Kingdom’s top cardinal O’Brien is accused of ‘inappropriate acts’ stretching back 30 years by three priests and a former priest in Scotland.  O’Brien is almost at retirement and has been an outspoken opponent of gay rights.  See Feb 23/13 article from The Guardian / The Observer.

(Update – Feb 24/13 – Yesterday the Vatican accused Italian media of false reporting ahead of the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope.   This was in response to rumors published such as what is thought to be going on within within Vatican walls and outside of them.)

Well this is just the beginning of the cleansing of the ship called Vatican.  Let’s see who will be next because there are more to come.  This is not over yet.   There is a reason beyond Vatican’s official response as to why Pope Benedict is leaving in such a hurry.  Who is hiding what?   Can St. Peter still clear the decks?

Let us all wait with baited breath for what’s next.

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