Are You Mad? Say Yes to Change Now!

Are we mad to let deranged beings come to maim and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people of all races in places around the world? Is it because of cycles or “me, me, me” behaviours? Or have the gods gone mad? Or are we not listening to our soul or even the clock of times past?

Planet earth has kept many secrets. Recent findings and research tell us all a story of the past, of not so long ago, of lost times or seeming worlds.

Is global warming a warning or a preparation for the ultimate call to stop the wars on earth? We know now that many civilizations have come and gone. Many times our planet needed to chase all off for a time. Most things fell to rubble. Before allowing this to happen, all people need to come together as one and plead for peace.

I say that the left side of planet earth will shift down and the right side up. The human race is foolish with its arrogance, greed, and must-have luxuries. Your humanity has gone mad with never-have-enough homes that are too big for one or two to live in and with too many cars on the driveway.

I foresee a great shift soon. You must save planet earth, but greed will stop you. Soon you will fall into darkness, if you do not change now.  Hate will harm all.  You will call out to Creator for help and fall over your must haves. You will be hungry. Children will cry out for out for water – clean water, and for food please. But there will be no food and there will be dirty water. Your stupid wars will kill the earth and the children who need food and water. The Fukushima nuclear spill disaster will rise up again.

All who care need to come forth up the mountain and call for peace from all corners of the planet.  Otherwise, darkness is soon to be. The shifts will call all to change. Say no to the Fukushima plant. Say no to fracking. Peace is all.

Let there be no more attacking our planet. The future of our planet is at risk. Creator owns the planet. We are behaving like uncaring, greedy ones who are creating disasters. The never-have-enough ones need to wake up. You who care need to say no to killing and to wars against nature and mankind.

We all, yes all, need to wake up now before it is too late. Save our planet and put an ending to crazed people who feel they must control through religions. It is not the string of religious ‘isms” that bring change.  It is the hearts and souls of people that bring change. We all – whoever we are – must say yes that there will be no more bullies of any race, creed or religion. Call out for harmony. To help climate change be free of war now.  The vibrations of explosions upset the rotation of our planet.  The mental climate needs to change too with peace being the best climate – free of fear.

Love is needed now. The planet is our home. Join me now in the call.




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About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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3 Responses to Are You Mad? Say Yes to Change Now!

  1. jay says:

    The future is so sad, people are mindlessly plodding along and thinking their lives are so important. The hatred seems to be building, people are saying that ISIS should be destroyed, but lacking the wisdom to see what that destruction will bring to us all.

    Humans are more and more addicted to their gadgets, and their luxury items. You are right when you talk about the never have enoughs, the poor seek to be wealthy, the wealthy generally look down upon the poor and the governments punishing the poor for just trying to put food on the table.

    How much hope is there left, it seems with each passing year there is less, but I do still see a glimmer of hope or maybe it is just my internal optimist?!

    There is so much mis-truths and lies in the media, particularly in the western media. Scotland didn’t vote for independence as you predicted in your book. Although, the young Scots voted in favour of about 75%., and the older generation voted about 75% against according to some polls. It seems the indigo children of Scotland were awake, but were outdone by those wishing to maintain the status quo or were scared of change.

    If things continue as is, when do you foresee the shift of the planet? Do you still think people should form and join safety communities, or have we left it too late?

    Thank you.

    You can expect my donation soon.

    Creator bless.


    • Jamie, One must not lose hope for now or the future for mankind has the choice to change. We hope that it is not war and hardship or mother nature that will force them to change. My prophecy regarding Scotland needs still to be watched for it is not over despite what the politicians have said and despite the recent referendum. The New World Order manipulated and overruled the vote.

      The shift will happen in Creator’s time. I will inform people when I feel it is close, so that we do not create panic or fear mongering. The planet is in a state of flux because of the nature of people. Polar wobble activities are in process as I have often written and spoken about in decades past. Warm areas are becoming cold and cold becoming warm. Japan’s recent unexpected volcanic explosion and Alaska’s recent 6.2M earthquake near Anchorage are examples of increased ring of fire activity. We are living in the time that Creator has spoken about. I have long warned humanity.

      The ego-driven grandstanders who want to be seen as ‘the ones,’ will be exposed for who they are and who they are not.

      Yes, there is still time to form communities. People need to come together to help one another and to have love and compassion.

      Thank you for your support. Your kindness is appreciated. As you know, as a teacher I have always given to everyone freely.

      • jay says:

        Thank you, I really appreciate your insights and your unceasing positive outlook!

        I have recently seen a video showing possible vote manipulation in the Scottish vote, it wasn’t that surprising to see that the Queen and others would do what they had to do to protect their interests etc. I had a feeling we hadn’t heard the last about Scottish freedom, and I for one will be celebrating the day.

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