Karma and Peace on Earth

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There is a path to forgive in life, to let go and then forget.

Know that the law of one’s karma is pure.  Soul lives on after death and the law of the soul continues after this journey.  It is not to be avoided. Debt management is sooner or later.

If you have forgiven someone, you need not have to keep repeating it if the attack from him/her continues. It becomes their karma to deal with in the afterlife if they do not make amends in this life. If you do something wrong in your life, then acknowledge, apologise and work to correct it.

If you know that you are doing wrong and continue to do wrong then the fault increases as time passes. So does your karma multiply until there is total restitution. If restitution is not completed before you pass to the other side, then the soul comes into a higher vibration and judges itself.

Love begets love.  Having good lessons that teach forgiveness, compassion and selflessness is to grow in soul power. When you uplift someone, the greater the many blessings of goodness  that come to you.  When one is in need and you are able to offer help and compassion, it will make your soul pure and strong.  You create forgiveness and love vibrations.

Forgiveness is peace for your soul and mind.  The word came from Zarathustra – the power of compassion is pure from the heart. Zarathustra taught compassion, kindness and honourable living – and to honour Creator. He spoke about accountability and responsibility and about karma. He said to forgive, make peace and let there be no killing.

Those who love, live in honour and are unconditionally compassionate have the greatest blessings bestowed in this life and the next.

The law of cause and effect shows that if you offer goodness and kindness, then healing comes to you. Those who are in dire conditions are the teachers to the ones who are privileged. Some of the poor become very prosperous and those who are good will share.  Others who are very prosperous carry a big burden and heavy weight upon their soul if they do not reach to those in need.

Sin is erased by good deeds.  Forgiveness is from a pure heart and it empowers life.  Let all live in kindness. Seed seeds of honour and empower the good.  Let us ban sins from our hearts and offer kindness to all. Rise.  Be kind and selfless for a better world. Those who participate in, or create, acts of war, hatred and destruction will suffer the pain of passing without compassion and carry that unresolved and unforgiven pain to the next world and shall not enter paradise. You can hear the gnashing of their teeth so distraught they are of their actions.

It is your path and your walk. You load your experiences upon yourself so that later you may also experience them, for this life does not end at death of the physical body. Life is everlasting.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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