Homeless and Mocked


This tweeted photo landed the West Yorkshire Police Force in hot water. (Twitter/@WYP_RPU)

U.K. police force mocks homeless couple after tweeting ‘walk of shame’ photo

I am so sorry for those who have been mocked.  No one asks to be homeless.  No one would mock if they had walked in the moccasins of the homeless.  I do understand, for I too am homeless.  My compassion goes out to all.

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  1. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans I happened to be writing for a Louisiana newspaper. Afterwards I was assigned a story about the various kinds of structures available to house the hurricane homeless and was amazed at what was available! For example, Yurts are no longer only tent-like structures. Now you can buy wooden yurts and they can house up to 7 or 8 people!There are also cabins and sheds,etc.-many can be had for $5,000 or LESS! We only need to do ourhomework! There IS a solution!

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