Fukushima Plant Admits Radioactive Water Has Been Leaking into the Sea

The Fukushima plant finally admits that radioactive water has been leaking into the sea, a suspicion long held by experts as taking place since the devastating March 2011 earthquake and which I have said from the beginning. Link 1. Link 2.

I have spoken before about the devastating global impact of radiation from Fukushima with North America’s west coast taking a concentrated hit.  .   On March 18, 2011 I posted a solution to contain the radiation.  People were kind to help spread the word to universities, government and the nuclear industry but unfortunately there was no response.  When people are given otherworldly information that can help save lives I wonder why is it so difficult for many to not see beyond their human-programmed brains and open themselves to life-saving information.

In my April 11 2011 post  I referenced a conversation with a chemical engineer who worked many years in the nuclear field.  It was discussed that liquid ceramics (combined with the other ingredients suggested) could also be distributed across lands around the reactors using remote controlled crop-dusting planes.

When I watch my prophecies being fulfilled, it is with a heavy heart for my great desire is for people to be in the know and to listen and act in advance rather than after the fact.

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  1. jen_harrod says:

    was thinking about you saying for so very long that it is it mankind that’s
    creating disasters on the planet because of greed and drilling and mining You ;ve talked about the polar shift for decades and how mankind upsetting earth’s balance is the problem. we’ve sure made a mess of things.

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