Disclosure – Winters and Summers of Change

The hour is now when shackles are broken and all become free at last.

It is a time for humanity to say no to financial oppression of our planet through banking and hardship for those who are, in a way, trapped in a form of banking’s financial slavery.
Know that the bank of England was founded in 1694 during a major solar time or year and since then the world has been suppressed and controlled by banking.  Realise that 2057 may be the end of banking in this way.  Remember that it is the banks that make so much money from wars.  Will we come free of the yolk of hardship?  Read Wing Anderson’s prophecies and remember my speech in Ontario in the 1990s.  It is cyclic.  See 1694 then add 363 years to reach 2057.  By 2059 the world will no longer exist as you know it.   Massive changes will have taken place.  New World Order government will be in place, but as I have said before that even it will not last forever.   Remember that the “you know who” have the power to engineer weather to create natural disasters on top of what the earth itself will create in response to mankind’s abuse.

Up until 2048 will be a time of great adjustments, change and awakening of all.  There will be many upheavals upon the planet.  Then, in some places, people will feel like celebrating while in others there will be still be hardship until everything returns to balance.

In 1948, when I was a child, I said that people must progress on to freedom of the planet. Now my warning is to stop killing the planet.  Stop the arrogance of greed from the one who never has enough and will do everything to have more money, seeing it as power to control.

We are living in a time of final changes and adjustments of our planet. We are drilling and deeply displacing the earth’s minerals while offering no substances to fill the cavities made in order to keep balance.  I demonstrated this some years ago in a simple way, showing an apple on a string in a bowl of water.  When the apple was bored into and parts of it removed, it changed the position of the apple from up to down or left to right and showed the truth of what happens to the planet.  Know that because our planet is not anchored in solidity, it is like a balloon floating in air or a ball floating on the water.  Since our earth floats in the universe and the universe is not stagnant and is in constant motion, if the vibrations of our planet are unsettled then the earth goes out of sync and this is something that the scientific community does not quite realise or warn against.  Even high-rises disturb the aerodynamic flow around the planet.

When there is abuse of oceans and the animals die off and nature suffers, we need to help life on earth to save it from destruction.  My call to all is to live spiritual lives and bring about peace on our planet.  I mean all people of all religions.  Harmony is now needed.  Greed must come to an end.  Love, harmony joy and peace are needed to heal the planet before it is too late.

Now is the time when we need to seize the moment to stand free from the old and move into the new when the changes take place.  The next 35 years will see monumental changes in every place.  Religions will strive and fail and rise.  Then by 2060, the earth will be a place where some will feel loss and remember the past while others will feel that the change is good and is a renewal.  This is the time when all need to rise in their hearts and find Creator and recreate a harmonious spiritual life – in truth.

Let us be in our honour and create clean air and clean living.  Be free.  Sustain all life.  Be free of greed and hate. Let there be no killing.  There will be economical renewal of all.

If you can’t open your heart and love, your lessons of earthly disasters will be big and there will be no help.  Only love and kindness will make you strong and empower all.

Gold in the tomorrow will lose its shine and silver the same.  There will be other more important commodities like natural food and fresh water to help humanity.  Millions will suffer from the pollution that will come.  The wise will grow their own food.  Millions of others will eat artificial foods.  Famine will be rampant.  You need to store food supplies so you can assist others as well as yourself.   Peace must be created.  There will be earthquakes in places which have not had them before.  In this coming year you will see more flooding, earthquakes and storms you have not known before.  Warm areas will be colder and cold areas warmer in many locations.   Pollution will worsen within the next five years.  You will see mass migration of people across the oceans and lands.  Kindness is the only answer now.

Meditate.  Be at peace.  Don’t be a robot of electronics, allowing yourself to be spied on and controlled by the “you know who.”  Do not lose your freedom.  Be free.  Live kind lives.  Today it is someone else who is in need.  Tomorrow it is you.  Everything is cyclical. Appreciate life.  Save natural life and living.  Sustain all now.

Rise yourself spiritually before 2047.  Then all will be wise.

Stay tuned for more insights …


About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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