Changes in Mother Earth

May all of humanity remember today that the time of Creator and changes in mother earth after April 10, 2012 signal changes in the heavens for mother earth and all the fleas (called humanity – good and bad), which ride on her back.  Humanity will come to understand that the abuse of mother earth must come to an end.

May all of humanity find love and compassion for our planet and for each other.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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2 Responses to Changes in Mother Earth

  1. Adam says:

    I have several questions. First is the world going to end or is there going to be a last day and or last judgement? Second is Zarathustra going to return or come back to earth? If so is he going to be reincarnated or is he coming back in his same body or as his self? Are you the return of zarathustra or the reincarnation of him? And will the resurrection of the dead happen if so when?Do you believe in reincarnation or the resurrection of the body?

    • Adam,

      Yes, this is the great time in which we live life. All need to lay down religions and seek peace, live life as one planet and not treat it like a throwaway place. The trees cry out when cut down. The earth shudders from all wars and the sucking out of its oil, gas copper, gold and silver. Creator must see the destruction of all the beauty created. We must cry by the millions and billions. Say to stop the murder of all aboriginals around the planet. Call a halt to the slaughters of animals and kind people. No new age talk, but rather good angelic living, brought forth by stopping the ruining of lives and the planet.

      Many say that I am a reincarnated Ghandi, or as you say Zarathustra. Most say I was awaited and have come to awaken mankind. Those who pass away resurrect after they leave the body and go to assess self. After death they are sent to learn that there is no death. Reincarnation is explained by rebirth after a time – so to say a new life path. Why have a resurrected body? The soul is you and all you are to be. Live and seek harmony in all. The Etherean world will rejoice. Blessed be you.

      And no, the world is not ending. Yes, if the digging and draining of oil, gas, etc. does not stop, the planet can implode or a polar shift can occur. I speak about this in “Be in the Know.”

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