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I am making a wish for all humanity to end the changing of our planet and the changing of all cultures and all beings which are creating a planet full of sheep-like followers, controlled through the cell phone or computer or even the chip (yes, not the potato one).

Change self now. Creator knows all you think.

Religions have lost the power to lead you into knowing Creator and the many gods and goddesses and in understanding angels, whether pure or dark.

Many could become mystics with good training – awakening deep soul understanding and knowing Creator within. Be empowered with divine love – dualistic. Understand self. Know gods and goddesses in awakened time. But we need to attune to Creator in order to steer free and live life peacefully in this broken world.

What is the meaning of facing east? This is to align oneself with the direction of Creator and the home of gods and goddesses.
Learn to communicate with the spirit worlds. Be free of entrapments of the stress of not knowing and feeling spirit nearby or even of hearing spirit. Know that Creator is near you. So are angels.

People are afraid of the many which are called ghosts but ghosts are the ones who departed from their bodies and did not know where to go. Good mediums will help the ghosts travel to the place of their profession.

We need to teach children about ghosts and angels. We need them to know to practise to be peaceful by sitting still for half an hour or more before sleeping, when they are open to becoming wise.

Children of 11 to 12 years see spirits because their psychic energy is great at this time and they could be trained to become mediums. 50 years ago children were younger at 15 years of age than are children today. Today they are more in-tune at 12 and learn to be spiritual at 10 by talking about angels and spirits. Now at 12 years they sit in soft prayer and singing, with soft lights from candles. They are still so they can hear the voices of angels and spirits.

Learn through good books and groups. Spiritualist churches will help. Good balance comes through prayers of peace. See yourself as pure and strong and without bad sins. Learn to forgive. Learn to love and learn what love is. Too many don’t know. “I care,” are the words some say. Be gracious. Don’t judge and hurt others. Have compassion for all life. Be free of heart to learn to be wise. Think first. Spirit is there and angels will help.

There is life after death. Know that the foolish killers do not realise that life continues either in the dark or in the light of good gods and angels. Special Ethereans are given by Creator to be known to mankind and for you to call on them.

Be still and know Creator. Meditation will make you wise and uplift you spiritually. Love and peace are eternal for all. Teach others that it is not religion that will save them. It is a sign post to let you know that angels, spirits and Creator give uplifting little sparks to guide you all into knowing self first and finding heart.

There is no death. There is great suffering for killers. War makers are evil beings. The ones you kill will wait and follow you to bring you to a dark place. The soldiers of war become trapped in time. The ammunition makers are condemned to stoke up wars for money. You will gnash your teeth in Hades forever. Hatred is your life.

Israel, you must be fair. Your god was not a god of hatred. Go ask Creator to send his gods and goddesses to make peace. You are creating mayhem and many will join against you. Make peace now. No world war is needed. Palestinians – seek healing. Love each other now.

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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