Awakening and Taking Responsibility

There are many universes and galaxies and one Creator – the mother/father that knows no age.

When one is called old there is now knowing of the past and understanding of the future.  When one is seasoned by years learned with great kindness and mastered with honour and when one has come to the know, then all that others said to create fear or to run from are only lessons from the self and mistakes made to correct.  Know the words, “I love you,” whether said to a horse, cat, dog or most of all to a human being – seeking to be known and loved.

Know that matter will move man and it will do this without volition.  Know that there is no will in matter.  All movement of real matter is only by the necessity of pure nature and will never master over mankind.

The becoming of an awakened soul is when you hear the silently spoken words from within softly speaking into your soul.  Just be still and know that you are connected and that wondrous things await you.  Commune with yourself, knowing self – the pure being – which speaks your language of the universe.  Know your aging body and your young soul.  I am calling you.  Join together for the good of the universes.  Have no fear.  Life is as you create it.  Don’t be afraid.  It is easy to be good.  The great award is within you.  Work hard.  It is worth it.  Be strong in kindness and truth.

It is time to abandon all bondage.  Set yourself free from all things of daily life.  “I am calling you,” whispers your spirit guide.  “I am whispering the call of Creator to you.” Smile. Your time is now to enter the cosmic chamber of pure life.  Take time to be free and isolate from the rest of humanity – just for a time.  Be pure self – still and in-tune.  It is magic in still time to hear the voice of the Ethereans and pure cosmic self.  Pure self will speak and act in wisdom, understanding self, being free, ending all struggles and starting to compose the vibrations of harmonious life.  Music is pure vibrations.  If you would like to share my teachings, stay tuned.  Let us know.  Please be empowered.

Know that the time of change has come and it is no longer a foretold event. It is here.

Lasers will be employed for healing but also to attack and kill in warfare.  It will soon be devastation – the laser as a side arm in the armies, ready to be used.  It is no larger than a 45 and will be able to destroy or blind or go after its target silently. So it is time to come to realise and weep for the victims of the cruel game of hatred.  We need to know the consequences of hatred or foolish living without a thought of retribution to life, without consciousness and caring about killing of others.  Who was told to hate and feel hatred for others – from small children to the old, depending which country was the supposed bad one?  Mothers and fathers who give birth to a child should raise them practising, “thou shalt not kill.”  There is greater honour in not killing than to train your child to be used for hatred and warfare.

The great laser killer is capable of destroying an aircraft in the air.  So too are there lasers capable of blasts greater than 20050 thousand million watts (per Etherean calculation).  When a person considers that fifteen-kilowatt lasers can burn through ½ inch of aluminium in about a third of a second, then we need to realise that aircraft in the skies where there are war actions are in great danger.  Are the warriors aware they will be fighting these battles of hate for the next 100 or more years?  What is it with religions saying “thou shalt not kill” but with the priest/preacher/rabbi/mullah there to watch?  How phoney.  They should act as they preach.

Join us now to end hatred and wars.  Take responsibility for your actions, for you and your life ever after, by living consciously now.  Be kind now.  Be a friend to self and love all in kind.

Pure souls for peace …

About The Saoshyant, H.H Alexandra

Her Holiness brings empowering self realization to those seeking enlightenment. She guides people in attaining true enlightenment through active awakening of communication and interaction between soul, spirit, mind, brain and body and of bringing them into balance by living through pure divinity instead of through confusion and emotions.
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