50 Years of Groundwater Extraction Causes Earthquake in Spain

Today a study came out suggesting that a “massive extraction of groundwater helped unleash an earthquake in Spain that killed nine people. Using satellite images, scientists found the quake ruptured a fault running near a basin that had been weakened by 50 years of extraction.”  The 5.1 quake hit Lorca, Spain on May 11, 2011.

This is an example of what I have long spoken about and demonstrated on video with an apple in which I showed what happens when you bore holes into it and extract what is there.  Mankind cannot continue to strip mother earth of its resources because all the drilling, excavations, explosions, etc. are upsetting the natural balance and mother earth will respond with earthquakes, tsunamis and polar adjustments.  Even if you fill the holes with replacement substance, it will not be the same weight as what was there before and the irreparable damage will have been done.

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