North Pole Temperature








An Azimuthal projection showing the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole.

A recent article in the Washington Post gives more evidence of changing weather conditions as temperatures at the north pole rose dramatically at the end of December, 2015.

I have spoken about increased polar shift activity for many decades and have warned that we are in a polar wobble right now. I have also warned that explosions can trigger earthquakes and polar shift activity and for mankind to be aware of the consequences of war and stripping of the earth’s resources (with great evidence now seen in fracking).  With the recent dramatic increase in temperature at the north pole, you are also seeing evidence/consequences of strange weather conditions, freak storms, etc.  that I have spoken about.

Be aware and, as always, be prepared. Having adequate food and water supplies on hand to last 6 to 8 weeks minimum is necessary.

Be in the know.

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